Diversity Music Group LLC


Without a doubt Al Boson owes much of his knowledge of the music industry to his time as a Staff Producer with ODAD Music, under the tutelage of owners Kedar Massenburg (Former Motown President/CEO) and Rap Legend ‘Daddy O’ of the rap group Stetsasonic.  Currently he’s drumming with his band ‘Another Alternative’ as he continues to produce and plays on a number of side projects.

Al was born in Brooklyn, New York, at a time when music was as diverse as the cultures in the neighborhood.  He had a natural gift and it was evident early on that the passion of the beat came from his soul.  In his teen years he played in Church and gigged in several of the New York nightclubs.  Here, Al was exposed to many different genres of music which would influence his style and work ethic in the years to come.

At the age of 19 Al auditioned and became the drummer for the late Rev. Timothy Wright, (the Godfather of Gospel), where he credits the birth of his professional Gospel career.  He would spend the next twelve years with Rev. Wright recording and performing songs nationally/ internationally which has become an anchor for gospel music. During this time Al also worked with  other Gospel Greats such as; Myrna Summers, Bishop Frank Anthoine White and Singers and also performed with song writers D J Rogers; the late Rev. James Moore. Al has also performed with Jerome L. Ferrell; Rance Allen, Richard “Mr. Clean” White and others.  AL formed a contemporary gospel group ‘One Accord’ whose members included guitarist Mike Smith, Bassist Lamont McCain, Pastor Patricia Rogers Wiley, Actress/Singer Lynette Dupree, Gospel Psalmist Melanie Daniels, Singer Darrell ‘Dzo’ Adams, other vocalist and musicians .

 Al joined ‘ODAD’ music as a Staff Producer where he continued to develop his skills and knowledge of the music Industry.  Under ‘ODAD’ music he recorded with Rap group Stetsasonic, Tommy Boy records, R&B legend, Jeffrey Osborne, Arista Records, Tyler Collins, R&B singer and several Independent Productions.

Al relocated to Virginia where he took time off from the Music Industry.  After an extensive hiatus, he is back with new vision and a greater passion.

Boson Entertainment Inc. was formed in Sept. 2004 by Al Boson Pres/CEO. A full service entertainment company that creatively develop, manage & promote singers & musicians by providing services to enhance their marketability through music production, song - writing, vocal coaching & image consulting..

In 2010 Al Boson formed a new band, ‘Another Alternative’.  The band performs various styles of music to include Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Reggae and Classic Rock. 

In 2013 Al partnered again with long time friend Jerome L. Ferrell, Founder of Diversity Music Group

 Boson Entertainment's first single is scheduled for late summer 2013, with their full release in early fall. The first release will feature vocalists Raymond Kevin Alford, Pastor Alvin Freeland Evangelist Liz Wright, Evangelist Frankie Boson and several others.

Diversity Music Group LLC welcomes Boson Entertainment Inc. and their future releases.

"Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard...taking music to the next level".